Study Documents

Environmental Assessment
 Environmental Assessment
The Environmental Assessment (EA) for U.S. 45, from IL 132 to IL 173, is the Federal project document. The review and comment period ends on April 8th, 2013. Please see the Public Hearing Details document on the Public Involvement page for comment instructions.
Some helpful hints for reviewing the EA in Adobe Reader:
  • Right click the link then choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer. Open the file using Adobe Reader.
  • On the left hand side of the screen you should see a series of 5 buttons. Click on the third one down, the Bookmarks button, and you should see bookmarks to all major sections of the EA and appendices for easy navigation.
  • In the middle of the top tool bar, select the button “Fit one full page to window” for quick scrolling.
  • The Table of Contents page within the EA document is hyperlinked to their corresponding sections. A hand should show up when there are available hyperlinks. Simply click on the section you would like to go to and it should take you to that part of the EA.
Public Involvement Plan (PIP)
The Public Involvement Plan (PIP) is a guide for implementing stakeholder involvement for the U.S. Route 45 project. The PIP will be used as a blueprint for defining methods and tools to educate and engage all stakeholders in the decision-making process for this project. The PIP establishes a Community Advisory Group to assist LCDOT with overall project development in the vicinity of the Grass Lake Road and Millburn Road intersections within the Millburn Historic District. The PIP has been designed to ensure that stakeholders are provided a number of opportunities to be informed and engaged as the project progresses.
 Public Involvement Plan

CMAP 2040 Traffic Projections Build Alternatives
These traffic projections provided by CMAP show the 2040 projected traffic for the finalist alternatives developed.
 CMAP 2040 Traffic Projections Build Alternatives
Project Development Procedures
This document shows the federal NEPA procedures the study will follow.
 Project Development Procedures

Environmental Assessment Errata
This Errata includes corrections, revisions, and/or additions to the Environmental Assessment for the U.S. 45 Project
  EA Errata